Former Mayor of Prague 1 Oldich Lomeck
| photo: Yan Renelt,

The public wife of the billionaire Pavel Tykae won the seven-room apartment in Opletalov Street. According to alum Tom Jarolmek, she offered 18 million crowns for it. The mayor of 2013 finally concluded a contract with another bidder, which ended up in a competition with a bid of 7.1 million.

According to the deputy, Lomeck caused the code 3.262 million crowns. The usual price was sent by experts to 10.3 million. The apartment eventually ended up being owned by Ivana Tyka, she bought it for about ten million crowns. Jarolmek told the newspaper once that the former mayor would be sentenced to this sentence and a fine of more than a million crowns.

According to the day, a local municipal politician is innocent at the District Court for Prague. Those things happened completely differently, he said. According to Lomeck, there were 20 flats in the center of Prague in public. The first office for the city center developed the conditions of the competition. The biggest problem at that time was the displacement center, said the former mayor. In conditions, for example, it is stated that one hunter may not buy more than one apartment or that real estate may not be sold by companies. According to Lomeck, the city wanted to prevent rich people and real estate agencies from buying apartments as an investment and sending them to Airbnb.

Nemm, dm MHD, paid the penalty

The former mayor stated that he was aware of the price difference between how much the sale was approved by the council and how much the apartment was sent to us. According to him, the previous offer did not meet the conditions. In addition, the concluded contract consulted with the elements. It was the most valid offer, he added. According to Sv., He did not know the applicant and did not receive a retirement date from the sale.

Lomeck said he disagreed with the proposed fine. He said he was currently retiring. To get to the first, take a public transport bus.

Lomeck el obalob thus in the case associated with the sale of an apartment in Prague 1 below cost. Three politicians and officers are guilty of criminal misconduct by one person or a breach of duty in the administration of another’s property. According to the packaging, they caused the code 32.5 million crowns.