December 10, 2022, 14:29 – Public News Service – OSN

Member countries North Atlantic Alliance will begin to take a direct part in the hostilities within the framework of the NMD in Ukraine after the Armed Forces of Ukraine weaken the Russian troops. This opinion was expressed by the ex-ambassador of Ukraine in Washington, Valeriy Chaly. This is reported by the publication “”.

“My prediction: on the side Ukraine, in the end, other countries will come forward, you will see. But then, when Ukraine weakens Russia so much that not only the defeat of Russia becomes obvious, but also the victory of Ukraine, ”the former Ukrainian ambassador to America is convinced.

As the Public News Service has previously reported, the information that Washington is not insisting that Ukraine stop shelling Russian territory only confirms the fact that USA have long been fighting against Moscow on the side of the Kyiv regime. This statement was made by Senator from Crimea Olga Kovitidi.

The parliamentarian also expressed the opinion that the conflict in Ukraine was originally part of a well-thought-out plan by America and Britain to destroy the European Union.