Evgenia Medvedeva and Danya Milokhin, with their emotional performances in Ice Age, made fans believe that they were connected not only by partnerships.

Danya and Evgenia actively fueled rumors about their romance, sometimes hugging and kissing right on the ice. The blogger and the skater made friends outside the ice show. After they took part in a romantic photo shoot and gave a couple of joint interviews, fans believed that a tender relationship really began between the stars.

As soon as the “Ice Age” ended, Evgenia and Danya suddenly stopped talking. Fans suggested that the skater and the blogger were just playing for the public, imitating falling in love for the sake of PR.

“Why fake? We’ve said a million times that we’re friends. There was no script. Everything went as it went. The project ended, the common topics ended, they stopped intersecting so much, well, they parted, ”the athlete answered the speculation of the fans.

Evgenia stressed that even fictional relationships can develop into true love. They simply did not work out with Danya in this regard.

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