The actor and singer, the star of the TV series Univer, told Russian TV Week what, in his opinion, will happen with blogging content on the air and on the network.

Thus, Vitaly Gogunsky believes that TV and the Internet will exist in a balanced format determined by censorship. In order to accurately describe this trend, the actor said that “censorship will be censored”, that is, it will be more correct, spiritual, as it should be – without swearing and obvious fakes.

“I don’t want to be a hypocrite, perhaps for some clubs and apartment dwellers, people 18+, obscene bravado is acceptable – sometimes it’s not so bad, a swear word gives humor a certain meaning and you can’t say otherwise. But definitely not from the TV screen,” said Gogunsky.

The actor added that bloggers are increasingly becoming TV presenters, bringing an audience from the network. He himself considers blogging work not easy, and their earnings are not stable.

“I believe that everything fake will die,” Vitaly Gogunsky admitted, adding that he considers the “good message” that our culture carried in the Soviet period to be correct.

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