In 2022, the coronavirus did not disappear anywhere: there were at least two waves. In February, Russia had the highest incidence of the entire pandemic (at the peak, 200,000 infections per day were recorded). In September, the second largest wave (up to 58 thousand detected cases of the disease per day).

Despite the high incidence rates, in 2022 the number of deaths in official statistics in Russia has greatly decreased: from May to the present, less than 120 deaths per day are recorded throughout the country (for comparison: in 2021, the minimum was about 350 deaths per day, maximum – more than 1250 per day).

The general feeling that the virus is gone was also affected by the severe drop in covid cases after the waves of 2022, which was more noticeable than in previous years. From May to mid-July 2022, the minimum since April 2020 was recorded: 2.7 thousand infections per day in the country. And in November, the all-Russian incidence dropped to 4,000 detected diseases per day.

Now all over Russia, including in St. Petersburg, a new wave of the incidence of covid is likely to begin. If at the beginning of November 2,000 infections per week were detected in the city, now it is more than 6,000.

Although the incidence rates remain low compared to previous years: according to the latest data, an average of 6 thousand infections per day are detected in the country (until 2022, this was only in September 2020), and in St. Petersburg – 900 cases each (as in February – June 2021 and November 2020).

Alexey Kupriyanov, coronavirus statistics researcher notesthat all indicators of the coronavirus epidemic are growing in St. Petersburg, except for mortality: morbidity, hospitalizations, the number of PCR tests done and the load of mechanical ventilation. Taking into account the intensity of growth, according to forecast Kupriyanov, mortality will soon begin to grow: it can increase by 1.5–2 times.