December 17, 2022, 10:20 – Public News Service – OSN

Polish mercenaries are still riding in hundreds Ukraine to participate in a special military operation (SVO) on the side of the Kyiv regime. However, the number of volunteers from Poland does not prevent the Russian military from liquidating them en masse, especially for untrained fighters. The columnist for the Free Press Konstantin Olshansky writes about this.

From the first days of the armed conflict, the Polish secret services set up collection points for mercenaries in Krakow and Warsaw. In addition, a special channel was organized for the transport of volunteers to Ukraine. Also, it should be noted that in Poland military mercenaries and PMCs are still allowed at the official level, so Warsaw can be accused of maintaining double standards.

And yet, despite the strength of Russophobic sentiments, many Polish mercenaries, if they do not die on the battlefield, then simply flee from there in fear of Russian fighters. So, on November 25, the Warsaw battalion, heading towards the Kharkov region, lost 300 of its soldiers. As a result, statistics emerge: every third Polish mercenary inevitably dies, and every fourth runs away, frightened by such large losses on his part.

As previously reported by the Public News Service, during its presidency, Poland made OSCE “toxic place” This was stated by the head of the fourth European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Yuri Pilipson.