The wing in the pre-trial detention center was separated by a black curtain so that the corridor could not be seen

prisoners from "Azovstal" sent to Lefortovo.

The prisoners from Azovstal were sent to Lefortovo. / Photo: Collage: Today

Commanders of “Azov” taken from the occupied territories of the Donetsk region to Russia. They are being held in the Lefortovo FSB pre-trial detention center, where they have been assigned a separate wing behind black curtains. Even the jailers themselves are not allowed in there.

This is reported by Russian Telegram channels.

Referring to an interlocutor in the legal circles of Moscow, the We Can Explain channel writes that employees of the 5th service of the FSB (Service of Operational Information and International Relations) are now working with the Ukrainian military.

“There, a whole wing was allocated for SBU officers and employees of the 5th service. The wing was separated by a black curtain so that the corridor could not be seen at all.

The fact that the Azov commanders who surrendered in Mariupol are in the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center was reported by a TASS source in law enforcement agencies.

Yermak said that now with the prisoners of Azov

The captured defenders of Azovstal are alive. But under what conditions they are kept – unknownAndriy Yermak, head of the President’s Office, said.

“We know that they are alive. As for the conditions, this issue is also monitored. We cannot say clearly under what conditions yet. But we know for sure that they are alive. The GUR is constantly monitoring this, with some of them there are connection, and the process of their release does not stop even for an hour. I really hope that it will enter its active phase, and we will begin to return our heroes to Ukraine,” Yermak said.

He noted that a press center has been set up in the intelligence center for prisoners. Both representatives of the Main Intelligence Directorate and those structures whose people are in captivity will participate in its work.

“Since negotiations and consultations are ongoing, every detail matters, the process is very difficult. I would not want to somehow harm this process with my words and information,” Yermak emphasized.

He added that the task at the first stage was to save the lives of the defenders of Azovstal, and it was fulfilled. Today they are engaged in the second stage – their return.

Earlier we wrote that the commander of the Azov regiment Denis Prokopenko transferred command of the regiment Major Nikita Nadtochiy until his return from captivity.

Also, the site “Today” wrote that the regiment “Azov” warned about provocative messages and statements from the Azovstal soldiers, who are now in captivity of the Russian occupiers.