Karlovy Vary volleyball player is happy with the finals of the game.
| photo: TK

Karlovy Vary, which averted the end of the season, entered into a race with no commitment at home. Vborn rumbled, tingled in the field, and the Lions searched for rhythm for a long time. Zpadoei gradually increased their jump to 20:12. Then the house began to download and brought the coach Novka to two breaks, then lost 19:25.

The second set was well balanced, with its water floating in the houses in our town of Smith and the Lions. Karlovy Vary replaced Ihnt Wies with a tie and leveled.

In the end, there was a controversial moment when the video decision revealed such an invisible block of the house and the city 20:21 it was 19:22. Then Jakub Ahnt’s ace drank and the set broke in favor of the guests, who won it 25:20.

Karlovy Vary started this set with mine services in Zajka and Indra and jumped to 8: 1. It was 17:10, but then the service was lost and the house returned to the game. They made a few points sri and turned to 22:19. They overcame the end and after 25:23 they forced their way back.

Even in the fourth set, the guest at the service was scattered. They got into the lead at 18:11 and did not allow a reversal this time. They increased 25:17 and wrote the second game in Sri Lanka.