The Venezuelan singer Eva Luna, has revealed the first words her non-binary daughter Indigo he said, sharing the beautiful moment with all his fans and followers and surprising more than one.

In recent days Evaluna and her husband, also a Colombian singer Camilo, have been criticized for the way they raise their daughter regarding her gender, since they assure that they do not want Indigo to have a gender as such until she is older and decides with which gender she feels more comfortable.

Although the networks have criticized her way of raising Indigo, Evaluna continues to share every detail of her baby. And on this occasion, she revealed the first words that her daughter has said.

The daughter of the Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner, has revealed that sy baby already knows how to say mom, dad, three, boob, baby, hello and bye, bye. But the novelty of this is that the little girl already knows each and every one of these words in both Spanish and English. English.

Without a doubt, everything indicates that Indigo will be a very intelligent person, since from a very young age she is learning to speak two languages. In part, her parents will ensure that her daughter always has the best education possible, accompanied by all the love that they and her relatives will give her on this long journey.

And you, what do you think of the first words of the non-binary baby? Indigo?