The Venezuelan singer Evaluna Montaner has given a lot to talk about in recent days, since her alleged separation from her husband Camilo, of your baby’s presumed non-binary gender Indigo and even the position of his father, the Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner to the way he raises his daughter. But now, she is the center of attention, and all thanks to her spectacular figure nine months after giving birth.

The popular singer has dared to publish a photo on bikini from the official account stories of Instagram, leaving all her fans and followers enchanted by her beautiful silhouette.

the interpreter of ‘God’s Gift’ She is now 25 years old, and for several years she has remained very faithful to her husband. Camilo, who has shown in every possible way that Evaluna is and will continue to be the love of her life.

Despite all the criticism, the young woman remains firm, happy and above all enjoying her process of maternity, herself who has changed her body according to what she herself has declared.

And to some extent it’s true Eva Luna she has looked a little more compact and formed since giving birth to Indigo, something that happens very often when women become mothers for the first time.

And you, do you like Evaluna’s beautiful silhouette?