Evaluna Montaner This time it has been the cause of paralyzing social networks, after appearing publicly showing off her slender body, in a tight pink bathing suit.

The daughter of Ricardo Montanerto their 25 years She is a very devoted mother to her non-binary gender son, Indigoin the company of her husband Camilo, who won the famous “XS Factor” contest.

The young actress has shown that she is one hundred percent devoted to her marriage and her new baby, which is why she is highly praised by her fans, as well as being an acclaimed artist for her undoubted talent and charisma in singing.

The singer in previous publications had let her followers see how proud she is of her new facet as a mother, and the scars that remained after the birth of her daughter, but she also took advantage of several photos to show her slender figure that she still maintains.

Evaluna Montaner shared on his social network account instagram a reel of 10 photos, where in addition to showing some photos with her husband, videos of summer and nature, she left her fans shocked after posting some photos where she was shown in a tight pink bikini, which clearly revealed her attributes.

The dancer in a few hours gathered more than a million likes and hundreds of comments for her images.