According to his return on the big screen, Evaluate Montaner I interpret “La voz kids España”, since after the birth of her little daughter, she was available for this reality show, in which she was criticized by fans, and caused several controversies on social networks.

the artist of Venezuelan, sang the song “Even if it’s not with me” and the truth is that not everything went well as expected, since she was invited by the artist Aitana to sing in a show of battles, leaving the public amazed by his show, but his reaction on social networks proved otherwise.

Which was spread on social networks, by a small fragment of his presentation, on the platform of tiktok, expressing the teasing of the followers according to his intonation voice.

Reflected by several netizens as the following:

“She felt very insecure and was off key. She noticed the insecurity ”,

“You can see that he is trying to sing like Aitana”,

“I didn’t understand what he was singing”

Below is the audio of his presentation in “La Voz Kids” 2022:

Clarifying the fans that her voice when imitating Aitana is far from being pronounced by the Venezuelan, even so the singer indicated that she was happy that the Venezuelan was part of her team, in support of the version of the program “La Voz Kids”, expressing the following:

“She is light, super transparent, she is like art. I love everything she does, not only how she sings, she has a very sweet voice, but also she is an actress. You are worth a lot, piece of adviser”.