Evaluna Montaner He has posted a video on his social networks a few hours ago, and apparently he is expecting his second child from Camilo; His followers are evidently in awe.

The couple that takes about 7 years courtship and 3 years of husbands, they would be waiting for the brother of Indigodaughter of the couple whom they decided to name as a non-binary gender girl, since her adult stage is expected so that she is the one who decides the gender with which she feels most comfortable.

Therefore, according to their customs and ethics as a couple, they will apparently decide the same for their other children, in order to fully respect their privacy as individuals.

Now, less than a year after becoming parents for the first time, the couple would be expecting their second child, as rumors spread in the national and international media that Evaluna Montaner is apparently pregnant starting her first weeks.

In a recent video that the model also published, she was dancing to the song “Mommy» of his brothers wow and Ricky, when her followers noticed a bigger than normal belly, which could indicate a pregnancy. With this news, the couple would also put an end to the separation rumors that they were going through several weeks ago.

The couple’s followers were immediately shocked, but at the same time happy with the news and quickly shared their comments with the Venezuelan: “That little tummy is kind of growing again«, «she is pregnant again«, «The little brother arrived for Indigo“Among hundreds of astonished comments.

The couple is expected to officially announce the news in the coming weeks, although their fans admit that they could hide it again as they did with their first daughter.