In 2022, Evaluna Montaner Y Camilo Echeverry they welcomed their first daughter. The arrival of Indigo it changed their lives forever, and little by little we began to learn more about their experiences as new parents.

The couple became parents for the first time last April and announced the arrival of their first child into the world. In recent months, both Camilo and Evaluna have shared their experiences, and more recently, before the end of 2022, the daughter of Ricardo Montaner he was encouraged to show the stretch marks left by the birth of Indigo.

According to her own story on her Instagram account, the singer admitted that she was unhappy with her body moments after the birth of her baby.

After I had Indigo I was mad at my body for looking so different, until I loved it again and thanked it for all it is capable of.

Taking advantage of the love that he felt for his body again, Eva Luna decided to tattoo the word “Mother”, what does it mean in spanish “Mother”, near the stretch marks, showing that she should not feel ashamed for the consequences created by bringing life into the world, since she should feel grateful to be able to have what many women would want.

Without a doubt, this gesture by the artist helps motivate many women who must be going through the same thing.