The fans of Evaluna Montaner and the singer Camilothey have invaded their social networks due to the criticism that was generated after they will show what is the diet that Índigo follows, the non-binary son of the two.

The model and the artist surprised their followers by announcing their first pregnancy together, after getting married in a luxurious wedding, which was attended by different celebrities from around the world, including Evaluna’s well-known brothers and parents.

And although the news of the new member caused a lot of emotion in the followers, after a few months the criticism did not wait, because Indigo’s parents did not announce their sex and affirmed that he was a non-binary gender child, who could choose autonomously their sex in the future.

Now the negative judgments against the upbringing of the interpreters of «For the first time»They have returned to be a trend in networks, after talking about the diet of the minor who was born female.

Apparently Indigo She would only be feeding on breast milk and avocado, so that from a young age she gets used to the vegetarian diet of her parents, a fact for which the followers disagree, who advise them to provide her with protein and various types of food that are very necessary in their formation.

Meanwhile Evaluna, who was rumored to be pregnant again by her husband Camilo, has been the one who chooses how to raise her son and how to feed him, while her fans ask her to take the minor to a nutritionist for the good of its development.