Camilo Echeverry Y Evaluna Montaner enjoy a happy vacation in the Dominican Republic before embarking on their tour of Latin America called «Inside out«. The couple wasted no time in sharing beautiful images with their fans, where the couple and their daughter, Indigo, stay with Ricardo Montaner and his wife, Marlene Rodríguez, on the family’s property in the province of samaná.

Last year, Evaluna recognized this place as the favorite vacation spot for the whole family, as revealed in one of her Podcasts:

My parents fell in love with a house there, we’ve had it for years. It is like a sanctuary for us to relax and unwind.

Evaluna shared a series of photos with her more than 20 million followers in a fuchsia two-piece swimsuit with a green scarf wrapped around her head. The singer was also photographed next to a pool that is part of the Montaner house and located near the sea.

The youngest daughter of Ricardo Montaner He also took the opportunity to show off some of his tattoos, where we can see that one says “I Love Me» and the other says «I touch the sky«.

Evaluna also recently shared a tattoo with the word “mother» thus celebrating her new role as a mother.

The followers applauded Evaluna for being able to accept her body after pregnancy and being able to love herself again, this action also helped women who have complexes about their bodies.