The Venezuelan singer Evaluna Montaner, also known for being the wife of Colombian singer Camilo, has revealed a situation that, if not taken care of, could put her life and that of her non-binary baby at serious risk Indigo.

Through a recent interview, Evaluna worried her fans after revealing a problem that she could have in her health and her life if she dares to ingest two foods.

The interpreter and daughter of the renowned Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner, he confessed that he cannot eat under any circumstances Pineapple either pineapple, since she is severely allergic to these two foods.

The artist also affirmed that if she consumes these two fruits, she would put her baby Indigo’s health at risk, since she is allergic, it could cause the breastmilk that gives the non-binary baby, has toxic substances and harmful.

Evaluna stated that I feel that she is aware that none of the meals she eats in her day to day have these two foods, not even in processed foods.

Camilo’s wife has been trending in recent weeks as she has received mixed reviews for the way she is raising her Indigo, which, despite the fact that it is a girl, both she and her husband have decided that they will not assign her an established sex until the baby is older and she decides.

Even the name ‘Indigo’ is a neutral and unisex name, perfect for people who do not identify with any specific gender, just as they currently raise their daughter.