The marriage formed by the singers Eva Luna Y Camilo, They have responded clearly to the numerous rumors of a possible separation between the two, after continuous days where the media and millions of users on social networks had viralized the news.

It is no secret to anyone that Evaluna and Camilo are one of the most popular couples and that they give the most to talk about in the social media. Either because of their strange habits or because of the way they are raising their baby Indigo.

But there were several days where numerous media were affirming that the couple was in a deep marital crisis, due to various personal differences and the criticism they have received for the alleged gender nonbinary from her daughter.

But now, the couple has decided to give a forceful and clear response to all the separation rumors, and they have done it in a very special way in order to clarify the whole situation as quickly as possible.

The performers of ‘Indigo’ have decided to release an acoustic version of their song ‘Machu Picchu’ on the platform of Youtube, denying in this way all the rumors that claimed that their marriage had come to an end.

Let’s remember that the Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner, Evaluna’s father, had also given his statements regarding all these rumors. However, the interpreter ‘The top of the sky’, He did it in a slightly more aggressive way, criticizing all the media that took the task of viralizing the alleged breakdown of his daughter’s marriage.