Vldk, (I haven’t addressed this rd, but I’m so km away), including a 17-year-old brother. Vtz letonho Survivoru. He has always been a fan of this game. And vm, how much he longed to get there. I didn’t like it, but it didn’t work out for him. When he reported to Robinson Island, he either did not pass, or at another time the project stopped during the casting. When I told me that he was going to Survivor’s casting, I didn’t even know he could do it, Eva Perkausov started her contribution on social networks.

A vylo! He announced it at Vnoce, just a day before departure. I worked hard for a long time. She went there and back after the collar, cheered, laughed, broke down and asked the question, what is the probability that he will get into the service? Well, mon could handle it. But a win? Tko, who wants to get rid of the kiln there, continued. And today? I’m so sorry I can’t even describe it. Brcha is an example to me that whoever pursues his dream and it does not work out the first time or the second time, should not give up.

The moderator revealed that her friends and acquaintances did not know that even after the return of her brother the house did not result. Not really. Neither he nor anyone around him. On the contrary, he tried to take secret information, which he would not have at all, that he did not do well in the finale. And we really knew it and he would win the trophy! she added that she had bought him a bracelet in memory of his life.

The islander VladimĂ­r Apek, who celebrated his 45th birthday in the Caribbean, won the historically first title from the competition in the Dominican Republic in addition to many unforgettable experiences. Czech-Slovak Survivor and a financial reward of 2,500,000 crowns. My unfulfilled dream is that I have my own home, a house with a garden. The pension from the game will certainly help me to make this dream easier, revealed an IT consultant shortly afterwards.