He is a rather special person, performing in smaller venues and preferring sold-out performances in a row rather than making one in the lobby for all people. He has a long-blooded pop with love clips, performs at rock festivals and was the biggest star and surprise at Colors of Ostrava. Ok, it was especially for him himself, in 2015 he gave a concert here in the Czech Republic for the first time, moreover at a rewarding rough festival, and especially he didn’t expect what response he would encounter.

True, a lot of people went to see him only out of curiosity and mistake, it was a perverted concert all weekend and moreover on the main stage, so when the people were there, they wouldn’t want to listen to someone about us in that songbook. about Grace Kelly and the back of the egg. At that time, Mika was right under the floor, some of them just got lost there, but right from the start he impressed his audience, he started speaking Czech, quite a while and out of his head. In addition, he said that he had been preparing for a concert in the Czech Republic for ten years, as it was a pleasant flattery, and it also took over lovers of rough music, who then drowned in his army and especially the entertainment and singing skills.

But who knows Miku and has seen him on YouTube at one of his concerts, he should definitely not be surprised by the fact that Mika made an impression and how big. As is customary with similar artists, in Europe it is more of a rarity for fake counterfeiters, while in Asia it would be especially southern and Japanese to shake hands for it, the rest of the local culture is full of other dimensions, we can not imagine it at all and it is even able to stop cancel culture.

Bn thus appears to be singing and patient with laughter when he performs in Asia. This is due to the fact that the chorale dog is not heard by his fans at the sold-out concert and his sounders have their hands full at the moment. In Asia, this is determined by the fact that Mika will moderate the finals of Eurovision, you do not have to ask who he is and enter his name into Google.

Here, yes, you have Miku just around the corner. lives in Stdak in France and Italy. Where he moved from London.

Find out on Wikipedia that there are a lot of awards from a multicultural family and how talented the show is, that my mother is Lebanese and her father is an Israeli American, but there are far more interesting things that are not about them, but are mainly in where he performs.

Mika is very humorous and sure about a lot of text, when we will paraphrase the famous year of Tom Halek, who still entertains the people on the Internet. Inviting him somewhere to entertain people is always a rush and he will never disappoint. And because Mika speaks those languages ​​where French and English are his mates, I enjoy them anywhere. He is especially popular in the Netherlands thanks to his part in the Paul de Leeuw TV show, and he doesn’t have to make a fool of himself there.

And he always revealed something to himself. Do not belong to those who would be somehow private, that gay is out of him, the moment he entered as a song on the public scene, when you ask him about his relationships, he will say that you must first know if he is back, but You do not have to know the name of his partner first, and I prefer to talk about my family, I have three siblings and they are all very happy. One of his older sisters provided him with an accompaniment for two of his albums and built him a stage set for his tour The Boy Who Knew Too Much.

His births and siblings show up in the shows and Mika is on top of them. He is a designer of Christian Loubotin, who wears his shoes regularly and puts them mainly on television, because Mika has not been out of the picture since he grew up in Italy.

Mma, tta, those sisters, one nephew and brother Fortun took a picture.

It started out that he was approached from the Italian version of the X Factor competition if he would be able to judge them there. Jenome didn’t know Italian and had to learn it during incredible times so that he could speak the picture fluently. In Italy, he had labor relations and friendship relations, and he became very close colleague Fedez (Federico Leonardo Lucio), won by an Italian fan, received an offer for his own TV show and received an offer as a guest for TV shows.

And in order not to get so far from France, since there was another juror in their show The Voice, he also built a home in Italy right away. It makes two sense that someone other than Mika moderates the day of the Eurovision Song Contest, but there will be some who will not know who it is.

esk rdia don’t play it. While there are no server companies from the same time in the history of some Czech bands, where there is an inconvenience of need, Mika, who can write, compose, sing in those languages ​​and write some kind for a species, does not appear in the Czech pop selection, you will hear once in a while with his hit Relax, which is so old that it sang at a time when the Dead may have been sick.

In the meantime, he has released three albums and not even his most famous Life In Cartoon Motion will get to us from the Czech land but Grace Kelly and Relax. Don’t even play music TV stations. Pro, it’s a coincidence, this is a pure blood pophe stands next to Robbie Williams, although Robbie’s work is still well known, while you have to find out for Mike yourself, but then of course it’s a nice experience to discover him and let his ability to compose rhymes and his voice be lost, it’s just so recognizable time dnm jinm you won’t confuse him.

Perhaps with each of his clips, his videos and live performances, you will find out how Mika is incredibly underestimated and that this should have millions of views.

That’s right, Mika definitely belongs to probably the most underestimated artist of today, although they know him at least on those continents, but most of them are treated like the guy with Grace Kelly, as we said in the water. The Eurovision that went on today does not change much about its reputation. It’s not that no one knows or hears his name, but he’s only in Brno as the author of two hits, coming from a two-hour concert with his new songs and going to a rally.