January 7, 2023, 04:51 – Public News Service – OSN

Columnist Carlo Martuselli made the assertion that the citizens of states Europe it is necessary to expect extremely bad reports that a separate type of omicron-strain “kraken” is beginning to operate in the region.

“The bad news is that XBB.1.5 is spreading rapidly, most likely because it has certain great advantages over the currently dominant omicron strains,” French newspaper Politico quoted him as saying.

Citing scientific research, he noted that for the first time, the “kraken” was noticed last fall in the United States. It was regarded as the most transmissible subspecies of the virus.

He noted that the statistics collected on American territory led to the conclusion that a subspecies with extreme aggressiveness affects more and more citizens, and the number of its victims doubles over a nine-day period.

Recall that economist Jan Oberg shared his opinion that European states and the United States will come to a serious discord in connection with the protectionist decisions of the American side and its steps in the framework of the fuel crisis.

He paid special attention to the fact that the European Union extremely stupidly lost the chances for peaceful coexistence with the Russian Federation and failed to cope with the flow of migrants and the damage caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. More about it read in material Public News Service.