FIFA has banned the captains of the European teams from using armbands in support of the LGBT community.

Captain's armband One Love in support of the LGBT community / photo

The national teams of England, Germany, Belgium, Wales, Switzerland and Denmark have decided to waive the ‘One Love’ captaincy in support of the LGBT community at 2022 FIFA World Cupwhich takes place in Qatar.

The football federations of these countries made a joint statement in which they said that they had taken the appropriate decision because of the possible sanctions that FIFA threatened the teams in the event of such actions.

“FIFA has made it very clear that it will impose sporting sanctions if our captains wear such armbands on the playing field.

We have been prepared to pay the penalties normally associated with equipment violations, but we cannot put our players in a situation where they can get a yellow card or have to leave the field.

We are very disappointed with the decision, which we believe is unprecedented. In September, we wrote a letter to FIFA informing them of our desire to wear this armband, but received no response. Players are disappointed but will show their support in other ways.” statement.

We add that on the eve of FIFA warned the participants of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar about the punishment if the team captains enter the field with armbands “One Love”, reports Daily Mail.

In this case, the player may receive a yellow card before the start of the game for violating equipment standards.

Nine European captains, including England’s Harry Kane, Welsh’s Gareth Bale and Germany’s Manuel Neuer, were planning to wear “One Love” armbands in support of inclusiveness and LGBT rights.

As you know, same-sex relationships are a crime in Qatar. Men face jail terms of up to three years and a fine, and for Muslims, under Sharia law, the death penalty is possible.

Recall that the final part of the World Cup in Qatar will be held from November 20 to December 18, 2022.

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