January 8, 2023, 07:56 – Public News Service – OSN

Prime Minister Japan Fumio Kishida said about the “terrible situation” Europewhich relied on cheap Russian energy. The politician stressed that the situation in this area is seriously changing around the world.

He is sure that the Russian Federation and some other countries “use energy as a weapon.” Kishida recalled: Moscow has repeatedly rejected this thesis and argued that it is the West that uses economic weapons against Russia.

“Europe has been thinking about life and production for decades, based on stable and cheap energy supplies from Russia,” TASS reports.

The politician said that the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine radically changed the “picture of the future” of Europe, and “the situation has become terrible.”

Kishida said: Japan, which, due to its geographical features, depends on energy imports, needs to use all available opportunities, in particular renewable and nuclear energy.

Earlier, Ivan Timonin, a consultant at Vygon Consulting, shared the available information on the volume of supplies of liquefied natural gas to European countries. More about it read in the material of the Public News Service.