The actor of «Euphoria«, called Angus Cloud he is being wanted by the police, and he will be arrested after committing this serious crime.

The series of the famous platform HBO Max“Euphoria” every day becomes one of the most successful and recognized of these times, as well as the main and secondary actors that are part of it.

However, everything indicates that the actors not only interpret the dramatic series in front of the cameras, but also do so in real life, to give an example is the recent accident committed by the actor who stars in fezcoand from which he has been running away.

According to the mediumTMZ» from the United States, the actor has been involved as the main author in a sinister that occurred in the town of The angelsYes, exactly in Marina del Rey. Reports indicate that Cloud preferred to flee in his vehicle with one of his friends who accompanied him, in order not to answer for the crash he would have made.

«They were driving an SUV that rear-ended a Toyota and then drove off into a nearby parking lot.or “, said a source, who pointed out that although the police have not yet made the actor official as the main suspect in the accident, some injuries on his body give him away.

«He suffered injuries to his legs and arms, with bruises and redness on the skin«, with this it would be enough to imagine the blows that the other people suffered, who were hit by the rear of the car.

If the news is true, thousands of fans expect the actor to answer for the facts and collaborate in the legal process that will take place.