December 13, 2022, 03:11 – Public News Service – OSN

Countries European Union agreed to freeze funds for Budapest, however, at a lower level than expected, writes Politico.

According to the newspaper, the European countries have agreed to reduce the size of the frozen funds to 6.3 billion euros in response to the withdrawal of Budapest from its veto on a number of issues, including a package of assistance to the Kyiv regime.

Up to this point, the EU has proposed freezing funding for Hungary by 7.5 billion euros.

The other day the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry Peter Szijjarto stated that Hungary needs to be ready for serious “attacks” from the European Union, since “Brussels and the liberal propaganda machine” are not selective in their means and use all types of blackmail against Budapest.

Szijjártó pointed out that at the moment there is practically no type of pressure that the EU would not use against Hungary.

As the Public News Service reported earlier, the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban said that the European Union could fall into a debt hole due to the continuation of ill-considered support for Kyiv. In addition, he called disinformation reports that Budapest opposed the tranche to Ukraine.