December 18, 2022, 03:05 – Public News Service – OSN

Actions EUdesigned to be a response to the approved United States a law to reduce inflation, can play the role of the last step towards the start of an economic state between the two allied political players. This position was expressed in an article by the German newspaper Die Welt.

Tobias Kreiser, who wrote this paper, pointed to the fact that during last week’s European Union summit, the most important European politicians discussed possible steps that would be a response to the “large-scale industrial and political offensive” of American leader Joseph Biden.

It follows from his point of view that if those who support the “hard line” espoused by Paris gain the upper hand, there may be a risk of a “transatlantic subsidy race” and the strengthening of European protectionism.

“This is an explosive mixture. France, in particular, insists on a decisive European response, ”the specialist described the state of affairs. Among such moves, previously considered unacceptable moves are considered. The idea was put forward of a selective approach to subsidies and public procurement, in which priority would be given to the domestic product.

Recall that the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States has not identified signs, indicating that the Russian Federation is actually preparing to use tactical types of nuclear weapons. This statement was made by the head of the department, William Burns.

He noted that discussions about such a development of events are needed in order to instill fear in the world community.

As the Public News Service reported earlier, the Ukrainian side attempted to destroy the head of General Headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Valery Gerasimov. Information about this is distributed by the American newspaper The New York Times.

In the text of a widespread publication, in which the NYT refers to anonymous sources from the United States, the Ukrainian government allegedly carried out work to organize an attack on the military when he visited the areas of the line of contact. The article does not name a specific date and place that appeared in the plans of the Nazis.