December 16, 2022, 23:47 – Public News Service – OSN

The European Union has expanded the effect of restrictions on three more Russian banks. According to Kommersant, within the framework of sanctions the assets of two private banks were frozen, and the operations of a subsidiary bank, Rosneft, were restricted.

It is noted that two private banks came under restrictions due to the fact that they worked “in the financial services sector, which is strategic for the Russian economy.” According to experts, sanctions pressure on Russian banks is used as an influence on their owners.

Earlier, as the Public News Service reported, a document was published in the Council of the European Union, according to which the next sanctions imply ban for Europeans to work in Russian state-owned companies in high positions.

Recall that on the morning of February 24, the Russian Federation launched a special operation on Ukrainian territory. During a televised address to the population, the head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, said that this is necessary to protect the inhabitants of the friendly Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics. After that, a number of Western countries imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation.