According to the diplomat, a new version of the compromise proposal should be created in Brussels now, and on Monday, the ambassadors should have one, the Politico.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin will perform in Moscow, where Russia will commemorate the 77th year of the end of the world of wolves.

A few days ago, the European Commission proposed a package of sanctions for the continuing Russian invasion of Ukraine to end oil imports from Russia by the end of the year.

The original design of the pot with the exception of Hungary and Slovakia, which are the most dependent on Russia’s energy raw materials. However, Bratislava and Budapest refused to support the embargo with the demand for a very long transition period.

The Czech government has also issued a sufficient number of flows through the TAL Transalpine pipeline from the south of Europe. According to the EC, the commission proposed an exemption from the embargo on Russian oil for the Czech Republic until the middle of 2024, and for Hungary and Slovakia until the end of the same year.

But it was again the government of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbn, who today denounced the agreements, according to the Politico diplomat said. lensk stty did not reach a compromise. The problem is that Hungary is still against (the package), Politico quoted an unnamed diplomat.

G7 group in sanctions

On Sunday, members of the G7 group pledged to fully end their dependence on Russian oil. Either by full destruction or gradual termination of imports, said Bl dm.

Today, the G7 group also agreed to continue to take action against Russian banks, which are connected to the world economy and are important to the Russian financial system.