December 16, 2022, 22:41 – Public News Service – OSN

Friday, December 16 European Union voiced sanctions against Russia, which were included in the ninth package. The new list of restrictions included Armed forces Russian Federation, volunteer units, Russian TV channels, banks, enterprises of the military-industrial complex, mechanical engineering, energy and others. It is reported by TASS.

According to the EU resolution, published on 692 pages, new restrictions were introduced “for violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

The list of sanctions included all types of troops of the RF Armed Forces – Ground, Military Space, and also the Navy. This also includes the National Guard, Special Forces and a number of other military structures.

It is specified that the sanctions include a ban on access to investments from the EU. If they have assets in the EU, they are subject to blocking.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported that, according to the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, after the adoption by the European Union of the ninth sanctions package in relation to the Russian Federation, the “black list” expanded to 1386 individuals and 171 legal entities.

The latest restrictions have extended to 141 people and 49 organizations.