Twenty-one-year-old Heger secured his first place in the medal fight at the senior World Cup with second place in the semi-final, winning the decisive race but slightly slower and adding a touch of the goal. He was two and a half seconds away from the medal.

Chaloupka scored a two-second penalty on the last goal, but even without it, he was far from repeating the rush of life.

Tasiadis already became European champion in Augsburg in 2012, now he triumphed on his home track and at the World Championships, from which he still only had a bronze medal that was only those years old.

esk canoeist Vojtch Heger.

Slovakian Alexander Slafkovsk, who was by far the fastest canoeist in the starting field, was eliminated in the race, but he was preparing for the gold with two touches of the gates. The bronze thus remained in Germany thanks to France Anton.

20-year-old Gabriela Satkov made no mistakes in the final, apart from a few runs in the semi-finals. Eight penalty seconds for three touches of the goal pushed her out of the medal position, she was 10.15 seconds behind the finish line, less than five minutes away from the bronze.

Years ago, old sister Martina didn’t avoid the ear and gave you punishments. No. 1 Tereza Fierov did not advance to the medal fight from the semifinals.

Australian star Jessica Fox, Olympic champion and one-time world champion on C1, had to settle for a star just like on Saturday in the kayak race after a portion with another German, Ricardo Funková. Britain’s Mallory Franklinov won the bronze.

Rohan and Fierov did not make it to the final

Rohan had his ears in the semi-final and finished 19th with a loss of 12 seconds to advance. Last year in Bratislava I advanced even with these ears, but it was an exception confirming the rule. Basically, it’s a no-no. I didn’t like the bag, I didn’t like it there, he said.

He took a risk with those penalty seconds. And then I went to Vabank, because I have to drink it with two ears, and I liked it quite a bit. But then I put my hand against the lion’s ear, I wanted to choke it there, it was a drive to the edge, he pointed out.

Who is it? Probably the whole season is slow for me, last year it was so bad, it worked out, this year it’s the other way around. I’m not going to beat it, but I’m going to try to get it to send me, added Rohan.

esk canoeist Luk Rohan.

Fierov, the runner-up in the World Cup in canoeing and kayaking, took a loss from the encounter and almost collapsed in the sea. The Eskimo turn, this time at a difference from the first qualified rider, turned away at the last moment, but two seconds ran away.

Since she didn’t even qualify for the binding races in the extreme slalom, in which she is the current European champion, she left Augsburg empty-handed.

Twenty-four-year-old women’s representative in canoeing for individual gold from the Grand Prix. I have a silver and a bronze in my collection from the World Championships, she was fourth runner-up at the European Championships and this year she was third in Liptovský Mikuláš.

Tereza Fierov as a kayaker at the World Water Slalom Championship in Augsburg

I don’t know what it was. I think that I faced a lot of problems before this world championship, which I don’t want to name. I’m basically glad I ate it. “I think it’s about how I felt about you after the meeting,” Fierov said.

I am proud of myself for finishing with my head held high. I’m happy, it’s behind me. Embrace your feelings. The ride wasn’t very good, but I tried and fought, but it didn’t work out. But it is something that will help me because it will give me a lot of experience, she stated.

I was really upset, I needed to get it out of me. Who wouldn’t lie in mm ppad. I concentrated on the day. It’s dark, and I’m going to relax and take a break from the water for a while. There has been a lot since the start of the season. And I’m spinning stronger, added Fierov.

World championship in water slalom in Augsburg

NO. 1:

1. Herzogov (Nm.) 111.72 (2 tr. seconds), 2. J. Foxov (Aust.) -0.92 (0), 3. Franklinov (Brit.) -5.33 (2), . ..7. G. Satkov -10.15 (8), 10. M. Satkov -13.95 (6), in the semi-final 19. Fierov (all R).

1. Tasiadis (Nm.) 101.05 (0 tr. seconds), 2. Slafkovsk (SR) -1.18 (4), 3. Anton (Nm.) -1.61 (0), …7. Heger -4.14 (2), 9. Chaloupka -6.02 (2), in the semi-final 19. Rohan (vichni R).