Estonia saw a connection between the damage to Balticconnector and Nord Stream

Damage location of the Balticconnector pipeline between Estonia And Finland located next to the Russian gas pipeline “Nord Stream” This was indicated by the ERR portal with reference to the Estonian energy company Elering.

It is explained that the integrity of the Balticconnector was violated between the two lines A and B of Nord Stream 1. The distance between them is 900 meters, the closest breaking point is to thread A. “This fact was still unknown to the public,” the media claims.

The pressure on the Balticconnector section between Finland and Estonia dropped sharply on the night of October 8, after which the pipeline valves were shut off. Later the Finnish followed statedthat the cause of the leak was an external influence, and not an explosion, as previously thought.

After this, representatives of the Central Bureau of Criminal Police of Finland suspected the Newnew Polar Bear vessel, sailing under the flag, of involvement in the emergency. Hong Kong.

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