My coach wants me to have more weight, she said when she thought about the answer to the question of whether she has to take a special diet during the season. But I can’t do it, under the age of some nine or seven hundred kilos, from the age of fifteen.

In addition, the athlete is equally skeptical that the weight would help increase driving speed. Again, I would have to take far more with me when she made the arrest, she was pushing for me, she revealed.

There was no joy in the invitations to the talk show or the surrounding cake. I’m glad you invited me, it’s always a good mark, like I did that season and it’s all in the bottom, said Ledeck, who won a gold medal at the Olympics in parallel slalom on a snowboard, which is her Olympic gold v poad. Newspapers always say that Olympic gold is the most valuable to me, and they wouldn’t even ask them to order all medals!

The Czech Queen of Winter Sports has revealed who is all the core of her darkness. On the one hand, two trainers, a physiotherapist, a waitress and a mother with her when they arrive, and on the snowboard, one coach, a physiotherapist and a nurse, said that when something went wrong, look for the problem first.

Ester Ledeck in the Jan Kraus Show (May 11, 2022)

After the winter is over, Ester Ledeck is still in active thorns. Let’s go thorn on the glacier, and in order to catch the good snow, the ride in the morning froze, so we have to get you in the middle of the morning and go to the hill. And I’m not a big day, it’s also a pain for me, she complained and added that in order to be able to keep this rhythm, she has to go back at eight. Veern snh u is so upset and he doesn’t like him. I would be upset for that too.

Otherwise, it does not work with its trainers. I agree with them, I don’t argue. I’ll choose a trainer to make me say something. He has a relatively new, two-year-old Italian coach who coached Norel Aksel Lund Svindal twice, and he really has a lot to do. It’s very interesting to hear his views, because the two of them only had guys who have a slightly different track, they are aggressive, he also wants me to try it, which is interesting, but sometimes quite complicated, she admitted.