Lawyer Jan Kalvoda, who represents Diag Human, told Radiournl. Yes, it is confirmed that R filed a complaint to cancel the finding. Drainage followed today, said in ter Kalvoda. He added that the drainage has not yet managed to grow, as well as the reasons for the state.

He changed the fact that it would be an objection to the tribunal, only on procedural doubts or contrary to public law. The lawyer said that according to statistics, the case before the London High Court would last until the sentencing of six and nine months.

The case began in 1991, when the Ministry of Health announced a competition for the processing of blood plasma. The agreement was agreed with Novo Nordisk and Conneco, which later became Diag Human. In 1992, the then Minister Martin Bojar told Novo Nordisku that she did not win the vote because she had joined the suspicious company Conneco. Her successor, Diag Human, has been demanding compensation for the profit since 1995.

The case is in the arbitration. The court now acknowledged that the Czech Republic had violated the investment protection agreement by letter from the then Minister of Health. He was unjustifiably involved in the business relationship of Conneco (predecessor of Diag Human SE) with the current company Novo Nordisk. The server warned of the result in mid-June HldacPes.

The Ministry of Finance then stated that the Czech Republic should pay the company Echovchar Josef 15.5 billion crowns. Of this, 8.3 billion crowns are declared in 2008 in the previous commercial arbitrator and 7.2 billion crowns are years as of May 19.

According to Kalvoda, the company Diag Human offered a repeated start and one year of delays, but did not receive a reply. At the moment, R had a similar proposal on the table … It wasn’t full of how many less, because those times are over. But it was definitely a stopped roen, which is not insignificant, said Kalvoda. This year and 1.3 million crowns.

Nlez is not public yet. Kalvoda noted that thanks to the complaint and the woman in the London High Court will be published.