My last cogwheel ended at the time of the covid. At the medical facility, they said they had no reimbursement, and I’m going for a card. It only took a long time for him to drink at least one tooth, described recently for St. experience from Ostrava, who has published three dentists in the last seven years. The first lkaka moved away, the kind of land and the aunt ended due to illness.

Thousands of people in the region are constantly looking for a doctor to take care of their teeth. The situation was so dramatic in the years that hundreds of people stood in front of the new dentist’s office for several hours.

Hundreds of people in Ostrava-Lhotka waited many hours to register with a new dentist. (14 of 2020)

In recent years, 132 teeth have ceased to exist in the region and the situation in other regions is not better. In the Pilsen region, 20 dental units have ceased their activities since 2018. The county ad received about 25,000 cards. The front of the newly selected drug was about 1,400, which does not mean that other patients did not find the new drug, said Eva Mertlov, the region’s spokeswoman. According to them, the biggest problem with dental care is in Domalice and Suicko.

In the Pardubice region, two patients have stopped or are about to stop providing their services this year. In our region there are about 1,700 patients per dental clinic, the optimal condition is reported to be approximately 1,300 and 1,500.

Two thousand patients for one tooth

This means that several people turn to the dentist every week to find out if they are accepting new patients. For example, Vt Hrubeck, chairman of the regional dental chamber, who practices in Hradec Krlov. We patiently explain that I can’t take anyone, because he ordered the mm for a long time in advance, he described. We have a long 15 percent more clients, which according to him would not be optimal.

The problem with the unavailability of dentists and the Ministry of Health. We are fully aware of the low availability of dentists working for the health insurance company. Therefore, we want to gradually bring up the number of medics at universities and work to better organize health care and inform patients about the available capacities, said Ondej Jakob on behalf of the ministry.

Dentists performing permission in R by age and sex
Vk Mui one Total
18 – 23 3 2 5
24 – 29 384 883 1 267
30 – 34 501 969 1 470
35 – 39 409 753 1 162
40 – 44 348 431 779
45 – 49 248 345 593
50 – 54 189 430 619
55 – 59 183 321 504
60 – 64 173 425 598
65 – 69 404 716 1 120
70 – 99 217 273 490
Total 3 059 5 548 8 607

Source: esk dental chamber

Such a phenomenon will manifest itself in a few years with regard to the length of study. It’s not just the number of dentists themselves. According to data from the Czech Dental Chamber, there are 8,607 of them. As two by President Roman Mucler said, this is much more than in previous years. There is plenty of dental care. (…) The difference is that today a typical graduate of dentistry is a woman. And she needs to live in the city with a good stamp, a good zazen, because otherwise she just can’t work, he said.

However, according to other experts, the tooth has a primary problem with their distribution. For example, in the Central Bohemian Region there are more than 2,000 people per dentist, in the 1700s. And so, while in one city a hunter has a choice of ten teeth, in another he may not have a day.

The district town is not big enough for the young colleagues to blame, so do the minimum. Or they come, they are employed by someone for a while and then they go to this city, because they have a short time there, socializing and living for the family, remarked dentist Milada Hlkov.

For example, in Jindichov Hradec, where, as the situation seems to be the case, less than 1,600 patients fall on the hospital. But Strakonice, from where I am, has an average of almost 3,000 inhabitants, supplemented by the fact that this is a problem.

At the same time, Hlkov pointed out that today the dentist works much more. The way of working has changed. If I wear a dog under a microscope, it’s not in an hour, but it takes you two and an hour. The new technology requires, in short, more drug time, hence the patient, she described.

Hrubeck confirms her words. With a private experience of 30 years, dentistry has made incredible qualitative progress in terms of equipment. We are able to better save teeth, act more preventively against the emergence of stato pathologies – but it is in all cases without exception time, he noted.

The problem is related

To ensure dental care, it is not just on the shoulders of the ministry, but thus connected. For example, clients can turn to enough dental care. For example, the Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company (PZP) registers about 5.5 thousand such people throughout the country. Last year, the health insurance company of the Ministry of the Interior accepted 4,031 such requests, most often in Hradec Krlov.

Their recent analysis thus showed that I do not take the teeth to the so-called insurance company and clients so often have to pay for the horses themselves. In addition, she pointed out that the average number of dentists is increasing to 50 years. Their approach to patients is different from that of young colleagues, who inform you about the thermal examination and the two important reasons for hygiene and prevention.

The ministry is currently working on an interactive map that will allow people to search for drugs of various specializations that will have the capacity for new patients.

Problems with the availability of health care can be reported on the web .

Hlkov’s first with regard to the insurance company stated that the former did not have to enter into contracts with young people in large cities and thus force them to leave in those men. The binders themselves try to lure them into the district in other ways. VZP is preparing new bonus programs that should motivate them to expand their capacities and admit new patients.

The situation should help so the new aggregated payment. The dentist will receive this for each patient he registers, and the patient does not have to come to the surgery at all in a given year. As described by PZP Eva Mazurov, the change of the castle does not suit you. Some providers are not interested in this type of castle and therefore consider terminating the contract with the health insurance company, especially because they will find patients who are willing to pay in full, she described.

Municipalities and regions must primarily motivate them. For example, the Pilsen region has announced the title for outpatient medical care. The mayor is trying to find teeth in the villages through housing offers and suitable space in buildings owned by the municipality. Hlkov added that, for example, municipalities should also offer scholarships for students in exchange for the fact that they will then work in the city for some time.