Markta Pekarov

Markta Pekarov Adamov coming out of the hitpardy outfit is the best, they crawl hard and hard against the walls and the hall is a black sad color, which absolutely does not fit, as well as a bouncing dark hair color. This visually pulls her down, and the chairwoman looks old and tired.

This, of course, argues with her dibble. And when you add to it the striking colors or colors of the feeds that Pekarov suits, the outfit is often driven by some seated element.


The blue-black aty, who is one of the best she has ever demonstrated, brought the outfit to the National Remembrance of Vtkov, and the outfit seemed so strange, almost as in the past and other cultures, that it, together with the creation of Jana Ernochov, became a minor virl.

Jana Kotalkov

The leader of the government, Jan Kotalkov, arrived in Olansk cemetery with huge pearls around her neck. D only hdat if they are real, just an eye so but not what is the problem. And here’s the bad thing: Kotalkov combines them with sports watches and wide grandmother’s heels.

Jana Kotal

Combining elegant outfits with sports watches is one big day that should be avoided. If a woman has to have a heartbeat and a number of steps even during the baldness, they are great to put on heels and be behind the smoke, they can choose a watch made by, for example, the Michael Kors emblem. You can normally work with the iPhone and the Android platform, but at least there is an unbelievable sight of rubber dogs.

It is sold in many designs, colors, places and more than a hundred watches in the county, not a watch that you can wear on the go.

Michael Kors has many kind of elegant smart watches.

During the meeting with the President of the Republic of Poland, she put on a strange elm pattern, which seemed like a thorn in the side. During the commemoration the event came in blue above the knees, which does not look tasteful or dignified. You have to realize that I am more.

Jana Kotal
The v

Milo Vystril

We must not forget the stumps either, for example Milo Vystril (left) should see if he can have his suits made to measure. This plank looks like something you wear, because it hurriedly wears nothing better.

When bowing, it is evident that his suit does not fit, and he may even differ in size from his jacket and trousers.

Jana Kotal

Jana Ernochov

For a pearl plateJana Ernochov, which is more visible from the entrance to the series and the struggle with taste is known to them. Paying a stylist or advisor to the ministry should not be a surplus, once you are in a position and you have to look for a while. ernochov arrived in Vtkov in strange greenish towns with the right size of the cut and the sleeves, and I gave the whole impression a musty sk after my grandmother, the moths flew out, fell out of the moth, and this hung there arrived with pearls and white unsalted boats with a wide heel.

Tko ct, for all women want to be old.


Petr Fiala is the best of the three.

During the tribute of the US Army General Patton in Pilsen, Blacksaw wore a jacket and a skirt with a different pattern. Ltkov’s rubber band, which she had in her hair, is perhaps a joke. Shoes with similar heels should hide at the bottom of the skn. We understand that Pilsen and Prague are full of cobblestones and the needles run on them, but these shoes in combination with pillows, black vise and white koil evoke either a country funeral or a beaten-up waitress.