Ermishinka will take part in the All-Russian TRP Festival

On June 16, Sasovo hosted the Regional Festival of the All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Complex “Ready for Labor and Defense”. It was attended by schoolchildren from 21 districts of the Ryazan region.

Ermishinka Karina Filatova competed in the IV stage. She showed one of the best results in the standing long jump – 2 meters 18 centimeters. The girl also excelled in the 60-meter run – 8.8 seconds, flexion and extension of the arms in emphasis lying on the floor – 51 times, and the 2000-meter run – 8 minutes. 6 sec.

Nikolay Alenochkinhead of the sector of physical culture and sports of the district administration

“In terms of the all-around sum in the individual championship, Karina showed the best result. She received the right to represent the Ryazan region at the All-Russian TRP Festival, which will be held at the Artek camp.