The publication that the co-owner of the AnderSon cafe and the public ombudsman in the field of small and medium-sized businesses Anastasia Tatulova left for Yerevan appeared on her social networks on May 1, but it was not clear that this was a departure from the country (you never know, the person decided go on vacation).

Today, the Brief telegram channel published information citing a source that Tatulova not only left Russia with her children, but is also in talks to sell the business.

“Sources link her departure with social activities. Recently, Tatulova has been active in the media and has been subjected to pressure from the security forces,” Brief wrote.

Meanwhile, the Siloviki telegram channel commented on her departure: “This is the most correct decision. Law enforcement officers have a lot of questions.”

Interestingly, Tatulova just recently wrote about entrepreneurs leaving Russia. “There is a feeling that the task of destroying in Russia a class of sane, critical thinking, creative people is being carried out. What we have achieved: talented, caring, honest people are leaving the country. Entrepreneurs. They are leaving. After them, “roll,” yes, they will roll … the world welcomes them with open arms, ”Tatulova wrote on April 25.

Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk/TASS