On May 7, Minister for National Policy and Religious Affairs of Dagestan Enrik Muslimov congratulated veteran of the Great Patriotic War Ibrahim Pasha Sadykov on Victory Day.

The war for Ibrahim Pasha Sadykov began at the age of 18, where he became a participant in many battles – the Battle of Stalingrad, the battles of Kerch, Tula, Kursk, battles in Kharkov, Kyiv, Riga and Warsaw.

Enrik Muslimov, on behalf of the Head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, presented the veteran with monetary incentives and other gifts, and read out a congratulatory telegram.

“I heartily congratulate you on the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory! This national holiday fills our hearts with special feelings – it is pride for the country, gratitude for the victory over fascism and grief for those who did not return from the battlefields. I bow low to you, ”Melikov noted in a telegram, wishing good health and long life with reverence and filial gratitude.

The former commander of the tank landing, holder of the Order of Glory of two degrees and the Order of the Red Banner, Guards Sergeant Ibrahim Pasha Sadykov spoke about the difficult front-line years. Speaking about the war, where he received many wounds, he said that it’s scary not to die, it’s scary to lose friends.

“Many people died before my eyes: in battles, during shelling, while forcing the Dnieper. This is forever etched in memory. During air strikes, you think more about your friends, guys. An eerie feeling – lying on the ground and watching the shells fly. It seems that every bomb is yours, but you can’t do anything. Fate saved me in the war, but the scars on my heart from bitter memories forever remained. Do you know the lines: “Whoever says that it’s not scary in war knows nothing about war”? This is so, ”Ibrahim Pasha Sultanovich shared his memories.

The veteran thanked the guests for their attention and congratulations, and invited them to celebrate the 79th anniversary of the Great Victory, when he turns 100 years old!