The singer, dancer and member of the group ENHYPEN Ni-Ki, has been involved in a controversy, where followers and fans attack him through social networks, this due to the attitude he had with one of his colleagues, Sunoo, in a recent video.

In the video where the group is seen celebrating an achievement of the band ENHYPEN, you can see Ni-Ki’s bad attitude towards Sunoo when he went to blow out the candles on the cake, Ni-Ki put his hand in front of his mouth avoiding so the young member Sunoo, could blow out the candles the moment he blew out.

Immediately all the other members were surprised by the action of Ni-Ki, who after this apologized to his partner Sunoo saying “Sorry, Sorry” while laughing, although it was a simple joke from the dancer, on social networks they did not give The fans who began to insult and criticize the moment via social networks awaited her.

Commenting insults and negative things towards the famous dancer, quickly forming a controversy about the relationship that these two members of the South Korean group had. We all know that the action that Ni-Ki had with Sunoo was a simple joke like any friend would do, but this did not prevent her from suffering “bullying” from the fandom.

Here is the video showing the facts: