One of the largest electricity consumptions in the city is publicly lit, or old lamps. We have 7,500 of them in the city, which is 95 percent of all public lighting. If we do not replace them as soon as possible, we will pay the city of nine million crowns for energy and 40 million, said the mayor Tom Brk (ODS).

This year, Dn pays 1.35 crowns per kilowatt hour (KWh) of energy power, but for five years it could be 5 and 6 crowns. Last year, he paid 9.5 million for electricity for public lighting, and it is assumed that five years will be a total of 100 times.

The city must behave like a pub pub. Energy prices are rising at a rocket pace, this year we will be competing for five-year prices and it is now clear that we will pay a million more for electricity. Therefore, I set up a working group that will deal with ways and innovations on how to save as much energy as possible, Brk added.

For the city budget, your energy payments would be enormous, which could limit investment, such as repairs to bicycles and wheels. Clem is therefore to replace the lights as soon as possible. The city had to take another 30 million crowns from the reserve to increase the number of deposits, bicycles, collectibles and all contributory organizations.

It would be best to exchange what is not possible as soon as possible. But we are planning to replace two or three thousand lights this year. At the moment, in order to obtain a subsidy for the exchange of lamps, the bridge has changed.

The subsidy should be announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, if the city succeeds, it could win for 10 years each year and 10 million crowns. Now you have to specify which LED lights you want and in which hundreds the cities start to change.

It would be ideal to replace all the lights in five years. That would have to cost 60 million from that budget. But even if you had to pay for it, it would be convenient. Electricity prices are rising fast, making me a return on investment. While the two stocks would have been spinning in a number of years, now it would be in just two years, Brk added.