We mainly wanted to say goodbye to the fans with dignity at home, said the mayor of Ostrava and goalkeeper Jan Latvka. It doesn’t matter if the title is Pilsen or Slavia. We messed up the season when we didn’t get to the game. We know we didn’t manage some of the houses. It’s all about knowing what the Bank means, what my history is. Fans demand maximum combat, but they also want football.

Against Slavia, you did itif
Mon nm vc suits when we play at home with strong rivals. That draw is valuable. Even for fans who drank in such sweat and created a great atmosphere.

You attacked Soupee. Didn’t you play the whole league for that?
Knowing that, we would celebrate advancing to the European Cups. It’s especially about making the game more enjoyable. To think about him, they were more creative and didn’t just play by the template. Mon is also about cleverness so that we can change the strategy of the game.

After losing 1: 2 to Slovakia in the autumn at home, you knew you would be at odds and you would have a chance to enter Europe. You were a quarter for a while, but in the end you lose ten points to Slovakia.
We did not manage to return home with Teplice (2: 4) and Karviná (1: 3). But alibism would be that we don’t want to play fun. We must read again that the city is at its maximum. We have to analyze you. Vme, e mme na vc. There are nron people here, our fans will not apologize for not playing in the cups.

What decided in favor of Slovakia?
It makes no sense to make excuses that his team has not changed for three years. (Martin Svdek). We had a jump in front of them and we did it ourselves.

When did the Bank have three shorts in the last few years?
I don’t want to engage in any analysis. But Mr. Pnk was here, he managed to save the league. There was also a strategy that did not work out (Lubo Kozel). Ondra Smetana did a lot of work. We are pt. To do this, they managed to bring up the game and sell Sora for some money (a day to Slavia for 30 million crowns). We also have almost the best insole in the league (Ladislav Almsi). The responsibility is mainly on us, on games. Each of us must realize that the season could have been a little better.

How do you have to deal with the coach who will replace Tom Galsk after the seasons? Pavel Hapal is the most talked about.
We don’t take anything, it goes beyond us. Let’s talk about the new trainers in the cabins, we’ll say here and there that it could be this or that, but it’s not our competence. We are there to play and get fans on our side.

You extended the contract for another year during the spring. Pod are you in shape?
U mm njak vk. I never know if the upcoming thorns and rush will not be my last, but under mm to football taste. I want to play what I can. When I’m in shape and health, I want to have compassion for the young. Have fun with it. And I want to end up in a hurry.

Then don’t stop until the Bank advances to the European Cups?
Hopefully. (usml se)