Employees of state-owned oil and gas companies have been banned from traveling abroad, neither for vacations nor for medical treatment. About this with reference to sources in Gazprom and Rosneft informs Edition “Layout”.

Details. One of the middle managers in the St. Petersburg office of Gazprom told the publication that he and his subordinates were “unofficially banned” from traveling abroad. The ban also applies to relatives of employees. The company’s security service will monitor its implementation.

“The ban was brought to us a few days ago. Many have already bought tickets and booked hotels for the New Year holidays. But you can’t even leave for treatment, let alone on vacation. People are very dissatisfied,” Nestka quotes a representative of Gazprom as saying.

The information was confirmed by Rosneft. According to Nestka, the company’s employees were required to sign an additional agreement that prohibits any trips abroad. So far, the ban applies only to the leadership.

What you need to know. December 14 became knownthat the State Duma plans to ban remote work from abroad for employees in some areas. The restriction will affect public sector employees, information security specialists of companies and some other areas in which classified information is distributed.

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