January 7, 2023, 03:04 – Public News Service – OSN

Venezuelan diplomatic mission in the territory United States of America shared information that she would no longer operate due to the destruction of the “interim government” created by Juan Guaido.

“We inform the Venezuelan community in the United States and the public in general that the Venezuelan Embassy in the United States and all its officials officially ceased their activities on Thursday,” the text of the publication circulated by RIA Novosti reads.

The publication noted that this measure was recognized as necessary by most of the deputies of the Venezuelan National Assembly.

And besides this, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro shared information that the current government of the state expresses a desire to normalize diplomatic relations with the American side.

It should be recalled that the two powers stopped contacts about four years ago, when the United States decided to recognize Juan Guaido, who had declared himself head of state, bypassing legislative measures. More about it read in material Public News Service.