Elon Musk’s new space launch ended in failure. Starship stopped communicating

Starship reusable transport system ship SpaceXowned by an American billionaire Elon Musk, exploded in the air shortly after launch. Broadcast of the new launch was carried out on the company website.

Contact with the ship was lost after 10 minutes of flight. The first stage of the rocket separated successfully, but exploded in the air a few seconds later. The moment the first stage of the rocket exploded was caught on video. Then the broadcast announced that communication with the second stage was lost and the self-destruction algorithm could be launched.

This is not the first time SpaceX has failed.

Musk’s company is conducting its second test launch. Despite the failure, it still turned out to be more successful than the first attempt: this time the rocket crossed the boundary of space and spent separation of steps. Musk himself congratulated SpaceX team with the launch of the spacecraft.

The first launch took place on April 20. At 16:28 Moscow time, the American company SpaceX from the Boca Chica site in the southeast of Texas to USA launched a prototype of the Starship reusable transport system. Four minutes after launch he explodedgaining a height of 38 kilometers.

Photo: Steve Nesius/Reuters

An emergency situation arose in the third minute of integration flight tests, when the prototype of the spacecraft of the same name (sample Ship 24) could not separate from the prototype of the Super Heavy carrier.

Starship suffered a rapid and unscheduled dismantling before stage separation

SpaceX company

Musk dreamed of sending humanity to Mars

Reusable spacecraft Starship can fly to Mars in three to four years, Musk believes. “I think it’s feasible to do an uncrewed test landing on the surface of Mars within the next four years,” he explained. According to the businessman, it is necessary to create an autonomously operating base on the Red Planet, which will require sending millions of tons of cargo with equipment and resources there.

However, SpaceX is also experiencing problems with its flight to the Moon. Problems with the creation of the Starship reusable transport system, which SpaceX is working on, may bring to delays in the implementation of the Artemis 3 lunar mission, scheduled for the end of 2025. Corresponding concerns were expressed in NASA.

Photo: Joe Skipper/Reuters

According to the Deputy Administrator of the American space agency Exploration Systems Development Jim Free, NASA is concerned about the number of Starship test launches that SpaceX must conduct.

Thus, each mission of the lunar version of Starship requires the launch of not only the landing module itself, but also several refueling ships. In addition, before the manned flight of the lunar version of Starship, an unmanned landing on the Earth’s natural satellite must be made and orbital refueling technology must be tested.

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