The First Lady of Ukraine gave a new interview to the British edition of The Economist. Zelenskaya spoke about the war in Ukraine, homeschooling children and Russian militants

Olena Zelenska met again with British journalists

Olena Zelenska met again with British journalists / Photo: The Economist

Elena Zelenskaya actively communicates with international media, to tell the truth about the war in Ukraine and implores the West not to get used to the tragedy in our country.

Journalists The Economist published a new interview with the first lady of Ukraine. They admitted that the barbed wire, sandbags and sniper positions at the residence of the President of Ukraine created a dramatic backdrop for the photo shoot. Elena met them in a bright blue suit and high-heeled shoes and looked somewhat devastated.

Elena’s mood suddenly changed when a familiar hoarse voice came from behind the open door:

I heard you were in the building.

The President of Ukraine appeared on the set for a few minutes to see his wife. The couple still do not live together for security reasons.

Elena Zelenskaya shooting for the British edition

Elena Zelenskaya shooting for the British edition / Photo: The Economist

About war

Elena said that they could not imagine what would happen to Ukraine.

We were naive. We thought that we could win with honest work and hard work. Everything turned out to be much more difficult.

The first lady remembered how it was on February 24th, when it all started. She admitted that she lived in the early days on a mixture of adrenaline and valerian. Elena tried not to think about the fact that her husband was the number one target for Russian militants, and she and her children were the number two target.

She had only to rely on the professionalism of the military and security.

I understood that I didn’t understand anything, but I was responsible for the children and had to respond to the situation.

Like most Ukrainians, they had to split up. Vladimir put on a military uniform, she left Kyiv with the children to a safe place. Every time the sirens wailed, Zelenskaya and her children rushed to the bomb shelter.

About husband

Vladimir always says that I criticize him too much, that I never praise him enough, – Elena said jokingly.

She also remembered with warmth how she used to treat her husband’s beard. The fact is that he allowed himself to grow a beard during the summer holidays, when the shooting ended and he could be himself. In wartime, this means something completely different.

Elena Zelenskaya shooting for the British edition

Elena Zelenskaya shooting for the British edition / Photo: The Economist

About children

Like other parents, Zelenskaya worries about the younger generation, about how the war will affect them. The most unfortunate Ukrainians have to bury their children, who are destroyed with such cruelty by the Russians. Elena explained that she knew about her luck and that her children were nearby.

I really hope that when my son turns 18, we will have many years of life in a free and peaceful country. The worst thing is that he tells everyone that he wants to be a soldier.

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