Elena Sorokina apologized in advance for traffic jams due to the repair of Pervomaisky Prospekt and Tsiolkovsky Street

On August 1, the head of the administration of Ryazan, Elena Sorokina, held a meeting of the working group on road facilities. It discussed the future repair of Pervomaisky Prospekt – from the bridge at the Bars to the intersection with Dzerzhinsky Street. As well as Tsiolkovsky Street – from Teatralnaya Square to Gorky Street.

The contracts are for a total of two years. The most noisy works will go on for two and a half weeks, taking into account the weather. The plans include raising road hatches, milling the roadway, leveling and top layers of asphalt.

Traffic jams during the day and inconvenience for nearby residents at night are expected as possible consequences. For this, Elena Sorokina asked for forgiveness in advance.

Since we are talking about the main streets, the issue of determining the hours of road repair is important. Until Thursday, the members of the working group will familiarize themselves with the proposal and discuss it with the residents of the city on social networks.

“Yes, there will be some inconvenience, but the end result – the repair of the central streets – should please all Ryazan residents,” Elena Sorokina wrote in her Telegram channel.