Both led the Moravian-Silesian metropolis for eight years. And they want to win for two terms.

Although Tom Macura initially threw up with a new candidacy for the first position, he announced two weeks ago that the 23rd and 24th candidates would run for the vote again.

This was also confirmed by Petr Kajnar, who was the mayor of Ostrava in 2006 and 2014, ie before Macura.

I am really nominated for the SSD candidate leader, I agreed. Kajnar, now a regional councilor for land filling, said in 66 years of experience and practice that I can benefit from social democracy.

At the same time, he pointed out that the candidate is not definitively approved. We will vote for the show in Ostrava sometime in June, he stated. So far, he is the only candidate for the leader and at the same time to perform the function of the party’s chairman in Ostrava. That bag doesn’t mean anything in the SSD, it will be decided and pt msc, he noted.

Kajnar, as the Ostrava leader, was also changed by the regional social democracy, MP Tom Hanzel. It is true that Petr Kajnar will be one in Ostrava. He was the mayor and he is a well-known figure who can do politics, explained Hanzal, in the past Mayor Karvin.

Tom Macura explained his entry into the fight for the sixth term in a row to ensure that the key investment, such as the construction of a concert hall, could not be stopped.

Some recent statements and attitudes by representatives of the opposition parties, unfortunately not only extreme, I am concerned that under their leadership the strong course of the city’s development in recent years would be endangered, Macura pointed out that the current election period unexpectedly affected the pandemic, which priority.

TOTAL defects are the outflow of population

The ambitions for Ostrava are not hidden by the representatives of the SPOLU coalition, ie ODS, KDU-SL and TOP 09, with leader Jan Dohnal (ODS), now the mayor of the most populous district of Ostrava, South.

The Koalin agreement was signed by representatives of the three parties on Wednesday. When our cooperation succeeded in the parliamentary elections, there is no reason not to try it in the same city, said Dohnal, 42.

First, in cooperation with the government, the representatives of the TOTAL want to meet. The line to the government and connected to them is now underway for Ostrava, Dohnal changed.

The outflow of the people, which the coalition wants to stop, considers Ostrava to be the biggest problem. Dohnal stated that in twenty years the number of inhabitants of the city decreased by about thirty thousand.

Ostravak: Tet, druz a nyn …

The two candidates of TOTAL will be the mayor of the capital, Zbynk Prak (KDU-SL), and the three will be given by the master of Miroslav Svozil (ODS). TOP 09 m the first candidate for the competition, lawyer Pavel Psotka.

Luk Semerk from the Ostravak movement also confirmed the position of the new MF DNES leader. There were other variants, he noted. He also fulfills the interest. We finished aunt in the last election, in the last two, so now we have nothing left but to win, a pedestal with a laugh.

The mayor of the Michlkovice district, Martin Juroka, will be the communist leader, and the mayor of the pastor, Andrea Hoffmann, will become the Pirt leader.

The candidate for mayor of Ostrava, led by the mayor of Holkovice, Ji Jureek, intended to speak sparingly to the election results in the regional city. And pt msc will be clear about one candidate in the SPD.