is a series of The Living Like, broadcast by Czech Television, thematically follows the previous series, in which the creators watch the interior in various styles. The dark designer with the actors Jana Stryková and Roman Zach will take the owner of the apartment from fze to me and I’m fine when fzi here I have time.

Anna enjoys a lot of metal music, games and so on the city of Liberec, where she bought a new apartment from a developer who gave her a low standard. The owner would like to change that. The apartment is still empty, so there is a time to renovate and then equipped with both rooms with dining room. Navc Anna spurs blc with her baby.

The floor should catch up. The current laminate replaces vinyl and thus changes the interior doors. And because the owner rda va, she drinks a large kitchen. Rda te a roky dream o sedapapem. It needs a library, sofa and quality dining table. The interior, which has three doors, should not be too cold. Anna imagines a comfortable and pleasant living suitable for the whole family. designer Tom Havrnek took over the bike.

After the reconstruction, the whole space changed ndhern. The design enriched the kitchen st, opposite it created a band with a sofa, a chair and placed a dining area in a niche by the window with a window sill and a library. The color is a rich edohnd, complemented by a popular belt mod. She controlled the dining room.

There is a concrete spatula on the wall above the kitchen worktop and vinyl on the floor with a graphic pattern inspired by parquet, which the bag cannot be imitated. The basic painting is a camera, which is followed by a color made to measure, complemented by a graphite black accent. The interior doors are made of transparent glass.


The kitchen with a worktop with hob, dishwasher and dishwasher and a high section with oven, microwave, fridge and food cabinet are connected by an interesting island with a built-in wine cellar. Behind us is a large corner sofa, a round table with a heavy vinyl top and a relaxing chair. In view of the television.

In the dining area, the family has a beautiful, massive wooden table with black paint, with those chairs and an integrated library. A window sill was created on the window. There is no television on the wall again. The lighting is minimalist.

Anna is gifted with the change. The proposal met her requirements every night. The result is exactly as she imagined. Lb has a large kitchen and two places on it. A big dream came true on the seating parapet. It’s great.