tyi mui and only one. The exact ratio of the girl’s strength in the next week with the popular Prostenem, which will not boil from water, but from beer. There is no doubt that the golden sweat sweat every day. The drinking regime is a foundation, so the Prim decided to support it. There will be mainly meat, there will also be traditional pub delicacies like you onion rings.

On Monday, the characters stand Peterwho forged his guests in beer. The basis for a good beer is to wash the glass first, pedesl soutc ze specilu Prostenawho introduced the gadgets.

In ter they will host hdat as the profession is hosted by the host Marcel. Who guesses and who will be full next? There will be questions about the body, them Lenka don’t worry Marcel explains that the painting remained in his room even after the divorce and that it was photographed by a police friend, a technician who warned him: Don’t be silly, I only take corpses. That probably wasn’t exactly a patina at the wedding.

In the beer special Prostena, there will be two men and one woman.

He will be in the middle Pavel and there will be nerves. Who can advise him on how to get rid of a pesolenho dip? Pavel is afraid that he will be a fool before the nation, but it will not be so party, in the end he will meet. Bottles of beer will be poured to the main course. Who cares, who smiles and who will end up in a great mood?

On Thursday u Standywill flamboy. Although he tried it, he is definitely not good in this discipline, which the audience also learns. Even if the flame flashed, in the end it would not come down to him and the pancakes would only be soaked in alcohol. What the others won’t like very much. But within the framework of the weapon, there will be a fight that adds valuable points to the contestant.

Lenka Glouzarov will represent the women in the Prostena beer specialty.

The bird will vait Lenka. So cook and pour toast. And jet will try to beg tb to make sure he doesn’t make a mistake. I can’t do that. The first ones will be unkind goodies. Either too much or so. eho is Lenka the biggest fight? that it will look like a mess on TV.

The equipment has a great wash. A booth will be created. Birds will not live in this bag, but men and some kind of alcohol. The boys are competing and eventually each of them is cuddled and a house for drinks is created.

Will it cost you a game? See at pt tden, which will be in the sign of beer.