Barbecue has become just as hot as mountain biking. But I am like a wild, full of moths and unexpected twists.

Technically, the dark grilled in ranges from about five thousand to ten times the same amount does not guarantee that the result will be attractive and tasty. It’s also bad about the quality of food and the erudition of the kitchen.

So you would think that you can choose and prepare the ingredients for the grill, and unleash it on the left rear, you can not revive the habits before the season. A number of (semi) professional barbecue academies can open up for me and go for a great meal and drink.

The explanation is explained by experts who (unlike everyone else) are grilled 24/7 and the rest of the amateur staff have questions and comments on how the stomachs never got to the bottom. At the barbecue academy you can try smoked, duen, peen and vaen. This can be done with the right knowledge of init tools.

It is not at all a code to touch the various machines, including the hottest news. Once again, you will hear the basic rule that choosing a new grill is primarily up to the place where you will engage in this godly activity.

For example, a number of residential crumbs are enshrined in the curriculum, which you can (not) put on your balcony, or how the grill can be put into operation there. These large outdoor electricians do not retreat from the glory, while their smaller siblings for indoor use have a firm position.

On the side of the garden and terrace grills, the pellet grills go up and down, as a 100 + 1 curiosity, blinkless types use only the sun’s rays. Working with them is unfortunately in our climate for those arduous patience and food preparation is more successful and good than foam and smoke. But pkn po podku.

In sight of Mr. Nipple

Electric grills for outdoor use must comply with a number of safety rules, e.g. power supply logically requires protection against detm. And the food on the electric opkan despise the characteristic smoky taste for grilling.

Here it is worth noting that even wood charcoal and briquettes do not smell, typical abrasions are forming and dripping fat. You can do without smoke and odors inside the home, for example in the kitchen.

Knowledge smart

1. Only quality ingredients are served on the grill.

2. You can grill the vegetables in vtch pieces and cut them, and they will be grilled.

3. The meat on the grill should not be taken out of the refrigerator, but should be at room temperature.

4. Dry grain meat is added value.

5. Loading meat into oil is not the best way, even though people often think so.

6. The final taste can be fine-tuned even after taking the meat off the grill.

7. Let the first grilled meat rest under the foil, never put a fork in it.

8. Fish on the grill must be fresh.

9. Make sweet sweets on the grill.

10. When you have finished grilling, burn the grill at a high temperature and then clean the wheel with a grit card.

You can find out that a lot on the BBQ course with David Izko at the grill. More on

Electric grills are therefore preferred by fans of healthy grills. An oil drip tray is hidden under the heating coil, so do not burn the harmful substances. Grills can be in the form of a Japanese hammer, ie straight, from the bottom of the surface, or be a folding and picking suitable for turning on.

For the same home, there is a dining grill up to 2.5 kW, preparing food for more people will require one with power and 10 kW. The post had a barbecue area for two people, and the small family will use a 1,500 cm hob2 and vt, the company rot very quiet and 3,500 cm2.

Beware of the gas source

Gas grills, like the electric ones, are easy to use. It works by bending with the help of a built-in piezoelectric igniter and horsepower by evenly rotating the company and holding a constant temperature.

Pohn is most often propane from bottles (bombs) and a card and working with them is literally a mess. It is important to always fully lift the lid of the grill, under which I gather gas, never know who played with the control buttons last time.

The hooks themselves should cover the entire area of ​​the company evenly and be at least three. Under the rot, in the so-called flavorizer, you can put a little bit, which creates a smoky aroma. Or you can add a bowl of herbs in water to the prepared food.

Gas grills can independently control all strokes, it is also possible to set the temperature difference for the size of the company and grill so-called indirectly what is the defective system of the oven. Prepare food for the people so quickly, but it must not come. There is nothing unpleasant when the hooks go out and you remain embarrassed over the semi-raw meat.

The one who is the center of attention

Lawyers of the barbecue, traditionalists and romantics do not allow models of heated coal, even to ride briquettes. Although they are made of tho material, but pressed under high pressure, they also contain in the package only a minimum of suffocating dust called mour. Moreover, their toughness does not decrease.

Coal grills, like your partner, require a lot of attention and smooth touches, but in return, they provide probably the most intense experience. Because you can’t stay away from them for a long time.

Not only do you have to control the restless flames, which can spread dripping fat, but the three briquettes must be evenly distributed throughout the company, and they will be unfolded in the pockets on the sides. What applies to kamado grills vejitch shape with ceramic body ideal crushing heat or grills so-called pots, nicknamed Smoky Joe.

Accessories necessary and necessary

There are a number of grilling needs and they are often sold in orchards. These may not always be suitable, or you will not use the shovel on the gas grill.

If you fail the barbecue, the accessories can be packed with a geometric set. And it’s about ndob, pnve on pizza and pizza, pot on the ball, drk on kue.

You can use the paint and needle needles on any type of grill, as well as a stand with a handle that moved me to the engine. The charcoal grill will be especially suitable for lighting and there is also a thermometer with a probe for changing the temperature inside the prepared meat.

To protect the operator, resistant gloves and pockets with pockets are suitable so that you have the longest tools at hand. Never use forks to turn the meat on the grill, otherwise it will escape. Learn to work with the turner and cook cages.

A separate chapter includes three scrapes and crushed cards, as well as company cleaning products. Run prka lovka tickle, but as vm u tto nepkn pinav prce me uetit i cleaning robot.

Don’t forget to throw a story about how this type was invented by Mr. Weber in 1952, when he used two hundred nmon bjky from the factory where he worked at the time. The enamel-coated steel module at the top and bottom became so popular in the United States and later around the world that Mr. Weber eventually bought the entire company and the only thing he forgot was to register the patent model.

And so today it is the most copied grill in the world. But only the Weber logo can be used to cut through the boiler and the hatch cover and for 10 years and you can also rely on robust hinges, on which the upper lid is closed. The biggest barbecue grill is what? Well, yes, vtr …

Temperature control inside the grill depends on the setting of the exhaust vents in the hatch and in the bottom of the boiler, I have a heated carbon in the so-called ignition chamber, called t mil. It takes about 20 minutes, no flames appear over the briquettes … me zat.

Veee dog mobile

On the contrary, the so-called pellet grill is dark without contact. You have to fill it with a push, the fuel is moved to the hok u automatically by means of a log conveyor. It is pressed sawdust from fragrant wood, such as apple and oy. Unlike those in the stove, they do not contain any letters or contracts.

It is controlled by a heat probe and the hooks and their settings can also be controlled via the mobile application on the phone. Not only can you drive from Prague to Brno before a lot of time, but you won’t be tempted to open the grill. What is the biggest failure? The working setting and stable heat will escape.

Depending on the outdoor temperature and the type of raw materials being prepared, the kilogram of pellets will cover about an hour of grilling and, for example, new (approximately 3 years old) Weber SmokeFire EX4 GBS offers a temperature range from 85 to 315 C. really big pieces of meat. and vepov ebra, what is discipline for itself.

And hell, where with them?

If you do not know how to grill completely, I have the fun and debate in the invited company somehow outside. To e metal bend, around them you can sit in a circle. They are of different sizes and often with such an interesting design that they can also become a striking decorative element of the garden.

There is a lot of recipes on the Internet, what to cook on them with the help of foil and peicho paper. You always have peen potatoes in the ashes, which are not just retro, but a real treat, especially when you put a slice of bacon and fresh bay leaves in them.

For arrivals, the one-grilled grill with a patina of two wood angles and had gas grills equipped with a card. With the so-called raclette grill, you can prepare not only melted water, but also vegetables on the snacks that are its mouth.